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We hope you've enjoyed this little walk around our lives. If you'd like to give us some feedback, then feel free. If you're a family member, close or extended, and would like to include something on the site, then let us know.

Click on the book icon to go to our Guest Book, where you can see a sample of feedback already left. Feel free to leave any comments yourself - the nicer the better, of course:

We've also introduced a Discussion Forum where you can raise any topic to prompt some ongoing dialogue. You can cover anything you like, but there is only one rule for this part of the site - nothing abusive will be included. Hopefully, we can make this a bit of fun, so click on the laughing guy to get there:


And finally, if you are a Clingham, and fancy sharing a email address, just let us know - we're sure we can make that happen.

Click on the mailbox if you'd like to know more:

Thanks for stopping by - hope to see you soon !!!

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