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Here are some photos showing our recent fishing exploits. Most of these fish were caught (and released again) at the local Country Park. There is a link to the Country Park if you want a closer look.

Click the thumbnail to get a better view !


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fish1.jpg (173166 bytes)

fish2.jpg (282694 bytes)

fish3.jpg (166997 bytes)

A nice little carp from Shepreth

One from the Country Park

Excuse the hat, but nice fish

fish4.jpg (300610 bytes)

fish5.jpg (355762 bytes)

fish6.jpg (900613 bytes)

Tench from Quiet Waters

Another Country Park carp

Great chub from the Cam

fish7.jpg (379747 bytes)

fish8.jpg (241647 bytes)

fish9.jpg (289891 bytes)

A mixed bag from Rockells

And another baby from the Park

A night time fish from the Park

fish10.jpg (289366 bytes)

fish11.jpg (209564 bytes)

fish12.jpg (238220 bytes)

A lovely bag of tench

A night time fish for Briany

3 amigos at Anglers Paradise

fish13.jpg (291455 bytes)

fish14.jpg (213197 bytes)

fish15.jpg (237976 bytes)

Golden orfe for Biff

And golden tench too

Briany Boy and a baby carp

fish16.jpg (263942 bytes)

fish17.jpg (203900 bytes)

fish18.jpg (150980 bytes)

Country Park pike

Chunky chap from Shepreth

A better pike

a20.jpg (114233 bytes)

Pict0052.jpg (83506 bytes)

lake.jpg (303790 bytes)

A 20lb common

Small but fun

A favourite spot

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