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Our last few holidays are captured here - not cheesy shots, but more scenic pictures which give you a feel for the places we've visited.

Scenes include Reclinghem in Northern France, New York and Pennsylvania, Crete and some spectacular skies.

Click the thumbnail to get a better view ! and if you've got an hour to spare, click here to see a video of our holiday to Elounda, Crete in 2003.


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DSCF0124.JPG (306900 bytes)

DSCF0198.JPG (351589 bytes)

DSCF0194.JPG (268618 bytes)

Overnight Snow

New York Streets

Foggy New York skyline

DSCF0012.JPG (290827 bytes)

DSCF0159.JPG (287142 bytes)

DSCF0170.JPG (294260 bytes)

Penn State sunset

Garden wildlife

Night time NY

House.JPG (675611 bytes)

DSCF0061.JPG (455554 bytes)

DSCF0007.JPG (651102 bytes)

Holiday house in France

Reclinghem Mill

Lovely colours

Sunset 1.JPG (301004 bytes)

Sunny 2.JPG (238117 bytes)

24.JPG (245784 bytes)

Sunset - Northern France

Glorious sunshine

Community spirit

DSCF0297.JPG (193272 bytes)

DSCF0334.JPG (191994 bytes)

DSCF0052i.jpg (326165 bytes)

Prickly pears

Lost windmills in Crete

Cretan sunrise

DSCF0352.JPG (183897 bytes)

DSCF0326.JPG (202983 bytes)

DSCF0156.JPG (198452 bytes)

Leper colony on Spinalonga

St George's Monastery

Quiet shopping

Camping.jpg (111266 bytes)

DSCF0037.JPG (286647 bytes)

DSCF0359.JPG (199862 bytes)

Camping in Devon

Fun at the fair

Always a boat

DSCF0024.JPG (289321 bytes)

DSCF0007.JPG (432116 bytes)

Chrysler Building at night

Shavers Creek, PA

Awesome view


Christmas lights

Manhattan skyline

Porto at night

Church windows

Clock Tower

The Douro River

Porto Cathedral

Home of port wine

Mount Sinai at dusk

Egyptian papyrus

Pool by night

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