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Welcome to the Clingham family site!

Here you will learn about our family, a little of our lives, something of our history, and a little bit more about our interests. Watch out for the links to what we think are some of the more interesting sites about, and browse the family photo album as well. 

The photo galleries will be updated regularly so that friends and family can keep up to date with us, what we are doing, and also some of the plans for the coming weeks and months. You can now access the various photo galleries from more family page.

Enjoy this little look at us and our lives. We hope you find it mildly interesting and entertaining - if not, well .... it's our lives and we like it !!

There are some new features like the Guest Book - please take the time to leave an entry so that we know who's been watching us.

Also new is the Discussion Forum - feel free to open a forum on any subject, and we'll see if we can get an extensive discussion going. There is only 1 rule on this though - nothing abusive please.

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