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This is Megs. It's a pleasure to introduce her. From baby to young lady, these photos capture all that she is - sensitive, fun, thoughtful and great company. Enjoy !

Click the thumbnail to see more !

Here's a short photo-show of Meg's July Leaver's Ball at school. Click the thumbnail to be taken to the photo-show. Look at me all grown up !


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Just days old


Just can't keep my eyes open

Me and my Daddy

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Just woken up

Unsure about Christmas

Fun in the garden

Swing time

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A little coy

Me and my Mummy

On holiday in Somerset

First day at School - all grown up

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Looking cool at the seaside

And again

This little carp pooed on me

And more seaside fun

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Girl in the crowd

Me and my Uncle G in State College

A Sherman Tank

Chilling in America

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Megs.jpg (128350 bytes)

A bit of party fun - Granny's 70th birthday

Growing up in France

Me and Frankie on a cold February day

Me and Hayley

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DSCF0073a.jpg (153055 bytes)

DSCF0077.JPG (113395 bytes)

I am not amused

New friends at the Elounda Ilion

Ben and me

A snow day in State College

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DSCF0261.JPG (111155 bytes)

pic1.jpg (140620 bytes)

Poolside fashion

A rest after a tough day

Missy and me in Crete

Good friends

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DSCF0149.JPG (62964 bytes)

Remembering the lost

A rest from shopping - Aghios Nikolaos

It really was cold

Sun in Crete

NURSERY PHOTO.JPG (164294 bytes)

Sunflower.jpg (197412 bytes)

Meg School.jpg (112630 bytes)

MILTON PHOTO.JPG (219828 bytes)

My first class photo - 1992

My first garden experiment


Milton School Class Photo

On holiday in 2005

With Dehan in Egypt

Under water

Too hot today

Just a little later ..please

All together

Such poseurs

Beautifully bronzed

Hyper ... me ?

He's so cute !

Dinner time

Need my bed

Meg's Bear.jpg (333268 bytes)

This little guy was drawn for Megs when she was just a baby. Thanks to Pete Wood for the gift - she still has him, Pete !! Check the links page for more of Pete's work.


A sad, sad day in the Clingham household - Meggie had her bicycle stolen, and this is the story that appeared in the Cambridge Evening News, and this is the thief

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