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Geoff Carse - Granddad to Megs living in Cambridge

Following the sad passing of Lynne's Mother on 14th October 2006, we have published the details of the Loving Tribute and Celebration of Life for Maria on this site. Please follow this link to see this V

Older brother Graham Carse - living at home

Younger brother Patrick Carse - recently returned home from living and working as an English Foreign Language Teacher in Porto, Portugal 


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DSCF0128.JPG (345053 bytes)

Geoff & Maria in France

Looking so relaxed

Pleased as Punch

Pict0004.jpg (92449 bytes)

Pict0072.jpg (86353 bytes)

Pict0071.jpg (87265 bytes)

Gressie in the garden

Patrick visiting from Porto

Brothers too

GC1.jpg (107591 bytes)

Pict0015.jpg (105256 bytes)

21.JPG (276340 bytes)

Duxford with Megs

Lord of the manor

On holiday in France

DSCF0083.JPG (355717 bytes)

5.JPG (341705 bytes)

16.JPG (337353 bytes)

With our French hosts

I want more sun

Entente Cordiale

6.JPG (295304 bytes)

DSCF0051.JPG (782482 bytes)

Blockhaus 7.JPG (385991 bytes)

Reading with Megs

Starting to relax

At Le Blockhaus

Sunday sightseeing

Posing with Pedro IV

Pat in Porto

The real tourist

Posing again

Flight FR8344



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