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Older sister Evelyn & Luis Garcia - with daughter Christina, and sons Richard and Lewis - also living close by in Cambridge and Newmarket. 

Richard spent four years in the Army and served with the Royal Anglian Infantry and toured in Iraq and Afghanistan during the conflicts in those regions. Back home now, and living and working in civvy street, he is happily in love with Kerrie and recently became a father to his little princess, Tia. The family live in Newmarket.

Lewis has just recently left home to set up with his girlfriend Cissie, and they live not far from Mum & Dad. Working as a specialist plasterer, he continues to grow into a fine young man, very loving and loyal, and very much settling down after having a few years of having a good time.

And now, bringing a new name to the family, Christina wed Tony Boyce on Saturday 14th August 2010, and celebrated with their one year old son, Riley, and their entire family. Their page can now be found here.

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Rocky uniform.JPG (379799 bytes)

cornwall (3)1.JPG (759803 bytes)

Rocky.jpg (159842 bytes)

Richard in battle dress

On holiday in Cornwall

Very smart

DSCF0073.JPG (629109 bytes)

DSCF0002.JPG (188705 bytes)

Luis on the Moors

Proud family

Kite flying is dangerous

DSCF0069.JPG (626969 bytes)

On exercise in Canada

"Little" Lewis and his Mummy

On his passing out

lyn birthday (7).JPG (378017 bytes)

DSCF0074.JPG (780425 bytes)

Birthday dinner for Ev

That's my boy !

Anyone for a drink ?

carse.JPG (372311 bytes)

DSCF0068.jpg (226624 bytes)

Drinking again

Garcias and Carses together

A cheeky smile

Evelyn.jpg (671680 bytes)

On leave from Iraq

Dressed to thrill

Too much drink at Christmas !

Good to go !

Helping the Iraqi Police

Relaxing, and a new tattoo

Close up

Lewis & Tina

On parade

Pissed again

Looking cool

Mr Lacoste

Stationed in Iraq

With the local community

Good to go

Looking cool in France

Go on - fall in !

Trying to look hard in France



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