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Older brother Greg Clingham & wife Merrill David - with daughters Jaia and Bront, living in State College, Pennsylvania, USA. 

Greg is Professor of English at Bucknell University, and Director of The Bucknell University Press

Merrill is Executive Director of Global Connections -- a non-profit organization fostering intercultural community and understanding -- affiliated with Penn State University and the United Way.

Here's a movie of our visit to State College in 2002 - it's a big file so give it time to load


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5oth Birthday for Uncle G


Energetic Jaia

DSCF0040.JPG (82970 bytes)

DSCF0089.JPG (109315 bytes)

Greg's Family.jpg (44073 bytes)

Just woken up on a frosty day

Mouth full of snow

All the family

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Sparkly dress

Merrill and Co

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merrill1.jpg (455942 bytes)

DSCF0048.JPG (276004 bytes)

Cheeky face

Lunch at Baby's


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DSCF0079.JPG (308880 bytes)

Frankie1.jpg (252639 bytes)

Snow surfer

More snow

Having a moan

Jaia2.jpg (257865 bytes)

Frankie2.jpg (244277 bytes)

Jaia1.jpg (283482 bytes)

Rodeo girl

Look at those eyes

Summertime fun

DSCF0018.JPG (884558 bytes)

DSCF0035.JPG (554594 bytes)

DSCF0042.JPG (430140 bytes)

Running wild

Popcorn time

In a trance

DSCF0026.JPG (632045 bytes)

DSCF0044.JPG (295785 bytes)

DSCF0064.JPG (653456 bytes)


In a world of my own

Runaway girl

Visiting Cambridge

Grandma and Jaia

Enjoying the water

Brave girl

All aboard

Looking really cool

Chilly in January

Ronaldo fan

Bath time girls

Christmas at Grandma's

At the computer

With my Granny

And again

Mommy took this picture

Cambridge in October

Jaia and Al

Hard at play

Wild subway ride

With Susan & Mort


Webcam snap

Enjoying the beach

Beach fun

Painted face

With the animals

Man Utd and a cougar


More paint

The China girls

The sword in the stone

Wild ride

Enter the dragon

The professor

More China girls


Beautiful butterfly

With my fox

Birthday treat

So cool

First day at Kindergarten

Pirate at school


Witch girl

Fashion girl

With Mommy

Big smile


With Grandpa

Big grin


Visiting Landbeach

Slow down



meg's photos

Here's a link to Greg's home page at Bucknell University

Here's a link to the Global Connections page

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