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Older sister Karen Pinder - with daughter Nicola (Nikki) and son Thomas (Tom) living in a nearby village just a couple of miles away. 

Tom is living and working in Manchester where he gets to go to Old Trafford at every opportunity he gets (lucky boy). Nikki works for a local commercial estate agent and has recently become a mum with the birth of Ollie (5lbs 12oz) and handsome with it - more about Ollie elsewhere on the site.

Karen is the Senior Office Manager for the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) - go Granny !!!


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DSCF0027.JPG (292100 bytes)

Nikki at rest

Happy Birthday baby

Granny and Grand daughter

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corfu.jpg (117489 bytes)

DSCF0037.JPG (372479 bytes)

Handsome chap

On holiday in Corfu

Great fun !

nikki1.jpg (85322 bytes)

tom2.jpg (128299 bytes)

nikki3.jpg (89918 bytes)

Stern face

My biggest fish of the day

Big grin

tom4.jpg (119634 bytes)

nikki2.jpg (84684 bytes)

tom3.jpg (105387 bytes)

England goalie

I am not amused

Birthday wish for Megs

Pict0140.jpg (131181 bytes)

DSCF0033.JPG (382576 bytes)

ka1.jpg (117793 bytes)

BBQ time

Ka at play

I will break your cheek !

Little Nikki

On holiday in Cyprus

At Milton Primary

Healthy eating ?

Glamour queen

Need more straws

Younger in Corfu

Thumbs up for the hat

Sun tanned babe

Graduation Day

What a handsome guy

Proud day

Very smart

Congratulations from Graham

Big moment

clingham (usa)


meg's photos


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