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Loving parents & grandparents - these photos show just a minute portion of the last few years.

Following the sad passing of our Mother on 27th October 2004, we have published all of the loving messages of sympathy, support and remembrance on this site. Please follow this link to see these V

Following the sad passing of Brian on 20th January 2008, we have published the details of his Funeral Service at the East Chapel of Cambridge Crematorium on this site. Please follow this link to see these V

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mother1.jpg (122558 bytes)

DSCF0166.jpg (391825 bytes)

mother2.jpg (105969 bytes)

Cuddling Jaia

An oil painting at 18

Proud Granny

BB1.jpg (99780 bytes)

BB2.jpg (131952 bytes)

BB3.jpg (112286 bytes)

Relaxing in Devon

Garden gathering

I can't catch anything

BB4.jpg (140475 bytes)

Pict0205.jpg (91058 bytes)

Proud Grandfather

Happy Birthday to me

A restful beer

DSCF00201.JPG (187986 bytes)

Pict0142.jpg (113480 bytes)

Pict0139.jpg (135435 bytes)

Briany at rest

Family time

BBQ queen

DSCF0031.JPG (374270 bytes)

Pict0057.jpg (126324 bytes)

Pict0207.jpg (118856 bytes)

What Birthday cake ?

Just chilling

Pub lunch

On holiday in SA

Our Mom

Always a garden

In Corfu

All together

New Year's Eve

Relaxation time

With a little Chris

In Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

With sister Gwen

Top fisherman


What's this ?

On Box Hill with Greg

Lovely together


clingham (usa)

meg's photos


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